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:: Chairs ::

Assistant Professor of Neurosurgery
Beaujon Hospital AP-HP, Clichy, France

Michel Kalamarides is Assistant Professor of Neurosurgery at Beaujon Hospital AP-HP, Paris 7 University.
With primary interest in vestibular schwannoma and meningioma surgery, he also conducts biological research on meningiomas in Marco Giovannini’s lab (Inserm U674, Paris) to generate mouse model and understand the molecular basis of these tumors.
He’s also the Director of the NF2 Clinic at Beaujon Hospital.


Image Olivier STERKERS M.D., Ph.D.
Professor and Chairman of ENT
Beaujon Hospital AP-HP
, Clichy, France

Professor of ENT and Chairman of ENT and Oto-Neurosurgical Department at Beaujon Hospital, AP-HP, Paris 7 University, Olivier Sterkers’s main clinical interests are the treatment of vestibular schwannomas and other petrous bone pathologies and ear diseases. He has extensive expertise in middle and inner ear surgery and in intraoperative cranial nerve monitoring. Pr O. Sterkers is Director of Cochlear and Auditory Brainstem Implant Program and Inner Ear Research Program.


Image D. Gareth R. EVANS
M.D., Ph.D.
Professor of Medical Genetics at St Mary’s Hospital, Manchester University, UK.

Gareth Evans is Professor and Consultant in Medical Genetics at St Mary’s Hospital and Manchester University, UK.
His major research interest has been NF2. He has undertaken a national clinical and genetic study which has so far ascertained over 640 NF2 patients. He has published more than 65 original papers and reviews on NF2 and given lectures on NF2 at many international meetings.


 M.D., Ph.D.
Director of Research, Inserm U674, Paris France.

Dr. Marco Giovannini directs a major research program on genetic aspects of cancer and on animal models for cancer. He has developed several mouse models for NF2 and related tumors including mesothelioma.
He is a member of the NIH MMHCC.

:: Invited Speakers ::

 Robert BEHR Fulda, Germany
Peter Mclaren BLACK Boston, USA 
Jacques BROTCHI Brussels, Belgium
Lionel COLLET Lyon, France
Vittorio COLLETTI Verona, Italy
Gerard O’ DONOGHUE Nottingham, UK
Bernard FRAYSSE Toulouse, France
Roland LASZIG Freiburg, Germany
Thomas LENARZ Hannover, Germany
Michael H. LEV Boston, USA
Manuel MANRIQUE Pamplona, Spain


Victor-Felix MAUTNER Hamburg, Germany
Andrea I. MCCLATCHEY Boston, USA
Wanda NEARY Manchester, UK
F. Erwin OFFECIERS Wilrijk Antwerp, Belgium
Richard T. RAMSDEN Manchester, UK
Jean REGIS Marseille, France
Robert V SHANNON Los Angeles, USA
William H. SLATTERY III Los Angeles, USA
Wolf-Peter SOLLMANN Braunschweig, Germany
Christophe VINCENT Lille, France

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